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When it all feels too much, therapy helps us move from

overwhelm to optimism

people pleasing to authenticity

isolation to connection

heartache to relief

avoidance to direction

self-sabotage to spaciousness

worry to rest

confusion to knowing


I playfully and pragmatically help clients let go of patterns and beliefs that don’t fit with the desires and goals they dream of.  In therapy with me, you will find a safe and trusting place filled with deep empathy and clinical expertise.  I'm naturally kind and gentle, and use humor & laughter to help therapeutic growth feel safe & easy. 


In our work together, you can find the freedom to let go of the perfection, the unyielding grip of trying to control,  the overwhelm and “what ifs,” and delight in what happens when you feel secure in trusting and loving your most authentic self.  In this process, you will be guided to make peace with your anger, answer your confusion, calm your fears, and comfort  your heartache. You can gracefully slow down in a fast and busy world, and trust to live the life that belongs only to you.

Through an attachment and trauma-informed approach, growth is supported with somatic work, and traditional talk therapy. 



A creative process that supports integration and circumvents the limitations of spoken language.



A body-oriented approach to healing trauma that supports clients in getting un-stuck in the "flight fight freeze" experience of the nervous system.

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