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Naming a business is no joke. And, naming my business is a bit of a joke...

Naming a business is no joke.

I didn’t cry for years. Things were “fine” until I realized they weren’t. Years - of no crying - from a person who works in mental health? Not great. Not terrible, but certainly not great. Guess what I did? I went to therapy. Guess what I still do? I go to therapy. I share this to let you know I’m human. I’ve been there. I wouldn’t offer therapeutic work if I hadn’t already done it myself (and, of course, have clinical training and professional licensure). You know what’s incredibly healing? CRYING. But it doesn’t end there. It’s the steps after the crying that help create the lasting change we want. It’s important to me that my business, my office, my presence all offer a safe space for clients to CRY. Release it and feel it...and you think that was hard...then we’re going to figure it out, learn and grow - together!

And, naming my business is a bit of a joke.

Oh, thank goodness for laughter. You gotta know I’m very proud of my business name. It combines the seriousness of deep therapeutic work AND the fun and playful essence of me that is constantly beating in my heart, and showing up in sessions with clients. Ugh, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, how do I make a change in my life?!?! Oh, for the LOVE (and sacredness) of crying OUT LOUD!!!

I can’t wait to work with you! For crying out loud, reach out to me, already!

With love,


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